Times are changing for retailers and businesses. According to statistics, 90% of potential buyers will look for an online review before agreeing to make a purchase. At the same time, search engines also heavily rely on these opinions to evaluate a site’s trustworthiness and search ranking.

Regardless of your niche, receiving customer feedback has now become a fundamental priority for business growth. The question is, how exactly do online reviews boost your SEO?

Fresh and Genuine Opinions

Google and company love an active website. Pages that often publish updates also look more trustworthy. A regular blog can help but your marketing efforts shouldn’t stop with that. Additionally, some will always see blog posts as inherently biased.

Online reviews, on the contrary, are a great source of genuine content. For both humans and machines, they paint an unadulterated picture of your business’ activities. Don’t forget that search engines will also rank companies according to their reviews average score.

The Pathway To Popularity

As complex as they might be, search algorithms only show us what we ask them to. Choosing the right keywords remains a central part of your optimization process. Their presence through a company’s website tells search engines what those pages are all about.

There’s no better way to promote your products than having real people discuss them. Online reviews can greatly boost your site’s popularity, helping it rank higher for certain search queries.

A Winning Horse For The Race

Smartphones revolutionized the way we approach physical stores. The Google My Business platform now lets customer’s search for nearby shops. All they need to do is use their mobile device.

With Google Maps showing a plethora of firms and boutiques, staying ahead of the competition can be hard. Fortunately, the system prioritizes those that have positive reviews. Yet another reason to push in that direction!

More Effective Promotions

The world’s most popular search engine also offers a way to get directly in front of your demographics. When we search for something, advertisement programs such as Google Adwords will display sponsored sites above everything else. With multiple companies trying to rank for the same keywords, though, some competition is inevitable.

To break this stalemate, search engines also draw from other sources. Both Google My Business and third-party reviews can help these sites prioritize your page over another. In turn, this leads to more visibility, more traffic, and a higher volume of sales!

A Whole Lot of Chatter

Positive reviews are more beneficial than simply boosting your site’s search results. They are also an extremely powerful and easy-to-use promotional tool.

Those who did business with you will be eager to share their experience with others. Thanks to social media, a review can now reach just about anybody.

This doesn’t only make your brand more popular; it also helps you tap into new audiences. The best part of it all? You won’t have to spend a dime for it!


Getting more online reviews and protecting your reputation is one of the best ways you can raise your company’s search results. By being thoughtful of these techniques and implementing them can strongly support your marketing efforts with minimal effort.

Nowadays, reviews can make or break your internet popularity. If convincing your clients to leave an opinion is a challenge, try Ratesight and let us make your life easier!